How to Have a Miserable Life

  • Believe you’ll have a short, miserable life.
  • Expect others to take care of you.
  • Stay idle.
  • Tell lies regularly.
  • Be angry a lot.
  • Blame others for your problems.
  • Ignore your feelings, especially when you’re sad.
  • Spend a lot of time thinking about how to get back at others.
  • Don’t try learning anything that is difficult to learn.
  • Drop out before you finish high school.
  • Break the law.
  • Abuse alcohol or drugs.
  • Spend more than you make.
  • If you have any weaknesses, don’t do anything about them.

How to Stop Having A Miserable Life

Some children in horrible situations have to make decisions in order to survive – including doing some of the things listed above. When those children become adults, they realize those behaviors are now hurting them. If you want to quit doing some of the things listed above, contact me and take a first step toward a better life.