Marriage or Couples Therapy

It takes most people many years to find another human being with whom they can share their life. Once you’re in a committed relationship, all the little problems that could be ignored before you agreed to stay together “forever” come up over and over again.

The big issues – where to live, how many, if any, kids to have, how to handle finances, what to do together and what to do apart – have to be solved one way or another. And people usually get those problems solved. But the “lesser” issues – how much time to spend with relatives, how to get along with in-laws, who fixes things when they break, how to raise and discipline children, etc. – can often lead to serious arguments that occur over and over again and never get resolved.

When people come in for couples counseling, it is common that each person just wants the counselor to fix the other person, and all will be well. I take the position that each person has the correct point of view for that person, and that I can still work with both of you to solve problems by helping you find other, new ways, of looking at your issues and finding ways to compromise and prosper.

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