ADD/ADHD Assessments for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Children and Adolescents

If you’re a parent, it’s hard to see your child have problems and not be able to help. Are any of these issues familiar to you?

    • Teachers tell you your child has ADD or ADHD and needs to be put on medication. Personnel from your child’s daycare, school or Sunday school tell you that your child misbehaves, won’t sit still, or doesn’t pay attention. Your child has been dismissed from one or more programs because of bad behavior.
    • Your child has a bad temper – argues a lot, is easily angered, refuses to do what’s asked, blames others for his or her mistakes.
    • Your child is struggling in school and can’t keep up with the other kids. You’ve been told your child is slow, or a slow learner, or that he or she has dyslexia or a learning disability. You want more information to understand what to do about it.
    • Your son or daughter is less mature than other children the same age. He or she has trouble making friends with peers, and prefers to play with younger children.

Those problems indicate that something is going on with your child. If you don’t know what the problem is, you won’t know what to do about it. I’ve been assessing children and teens for decades, helping parents understand what the problems are and what the solutions can be.


Are you easily distracted? Do you have a hard time staying focused in class, at work, in meetings? Are you disorganized – always running late, missing deadlines, putting things off until the last minute? Do you have trouble managing money or time? You may have adult ADHD. Call me to discuss why an ADHD assessment may be right for you.

Are you a college student? If you’ve been told by your school’s student disability department that you need proof of having a learning disability or ADD/ADHD before you can be allowed accommodations for your required classes, I can help. Each college has its own requirements. I either know what they are or I will find out. Call me to find out how an assessment can help you meet those requirements.