Child Assessments in Fort Worth, TX

Do people at your child’s daycare, Sunday school, preschool or prekindergarten threaten to kick your child out because your child constantly misbehaves and won’t cooperate? Does your child not sit still or pay attention? Do school personnel call you to insist you pick up your child from school because your child is out of control? Have teachers said they think your child has ADD or ADHD and needs to be put on medication?

Is your child struggling in school, but school personnel won’t test your child because they “no longer diagnose” children?

Is your child or teen struggling in school, seemingly unable to learn what is being taught? Have you been told your child is slow, or has a learning disability?

Does your child have a bad temper – arguing a lot, refusing to do things, blaming others, getting angry easily, holding grudges?

All of these situations indicate something is going on with your child. If you don’t know what it is, you won’t know what to do about it. I’ve been assessing children for forty years, helping parents understand what the causes of their children’s problems are, and what to do about them. Call me to see how I can help you.